A good eye is a good eye - it can be encouraged and trained, but the aptitude must exist innately and be an organic part of a person’s soul. I know that all sounds very new age mumbo jumbo-y, but it’s how I feel about good design, whether it’s growing the flowers or using them as cuts - it’s all about a little bit of art and magic.

Do you have a small space that you’d like to see bloom? Have an existing garden that needs a push in the right direction? Want to add more edibles to your ornamentals and don’t know where to start? I’d love to help! I specialize in mixed borders, annuals, perennials, shrubs and small trees interspersed with a tasty thing or two. Think a sedum and herb border, pansies and daffodils with an alpine strawberry edging, a Virginia fringe tree with a ring of iris and sunny Knock Out roses. The gardens I help design aren’t low maintenance, they require you to get in there and get dirty. We’re not landscaping here and hiring someone to knock back the hollies, we’re becoming an active part of our environment and producing food for our table and flowers for the soul. Hokey, I know, but true nonetheless.

If you’re a beginner and just need a little help getting started, or an advanced gardener who knows the difference between and a geranium and a
geranium, I’d be delighted to come out and see your space and put in my two cents. Please call or email for more information. And did I mention I’m a strictly organic gardener? In Virginia? With roses!

Some of my garden designs: